Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween


Addy loves cows so I thought it would be fun for her to be a cow this year for Halloween!  We had our Halloween party here at work and then we took her out trick-or-treating around the neighborhood.   She was a little confused as to why were going up to peoples houses and not going inside. She would see cats and dogs inside and want to go in to play, she didnt want to get back in her wagon. It was kind of sad how confused she was but once we got on our way we would forget about the doggie down the road!

Of course Daddy had to dress up as Elvis like he does every year. She didnt know WHAT to think of that!!  She just stared and kept patting his Elvis wig, hilarious!

Overall she had a great time and will hopefully understand the concept more next year!

Here are a few professional pictures that the staff photographer took

 I love my daddy!

 Addy and her friend Callie (they look like trouble already!)

This look says it all...."really mom?"
 Type, type, type
 Why cant the fish come out and play?
 Silly fishy!
 Elvis is in the house!
 Mommy has a big pumpkin under her shirt!
 Tractor Rides

Addy painted this pumpkin at daycare and throws a fit if the marker gets on her hands, you cant help but giggle!  

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