Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween


Addy loves cows so I thought it would be fun for her to be a cow this year for Halloween!  We had our Halloween party here at work and then we took her out trick-or-treating around the neighborhood.   She was a little confused as to why were going up to peoples houses and not going inside. She would see cats and dogs inside and want to go in to play, she didnt want to get back in her wagon. It was kind of sad how confused she was but once we got on our way we would forget about the doggie down the road!

Of course Daddy had to dress up as Elvis like he does every year. She didnt know WHAT to think of that!!  She just stared and kept patting his Elvis wig, hilarious!

Overall she had a great time and will hopefully understand the concept more next year!

Here are a few professional pictures that the staff photographer took

 I love my daddy!

 Addy and her friend Callie (they look like trouble already!)

This look says it all...."really mom?"
 Type, type, type
 Why cant the fish come out and play?
 Silly fishy!
 Elvis is in the house!
 Mommy has a big pumpkin under her shirt!
 Tractor Rides

Addy painted this pumpkin at daycare and throws a fit if the marker gets on her hands, you cant help but giggle!  

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Baby Room!!

Its finally done!! Yahoo!!!  It has taken so much longer to get his room done then it did hers!  Amazing how much time we don't have to get it all complete!  We had a much harder time picking out a boy theme, everything was either sports or red/white/blue, ugh. We finally decided to do fish!  It really turned out great and are so happy with it!  My mom found us an antique rocking chair that I am in the process of staining so I still have a little more to do, but painting with a 19 month old is quite a pain interesting! Addy is completely clueless which makes me a little sad that she has no idea what is about to rock her world but hopefully she is at a good age where she will transition smoothly and not get too jealous. She does however, love to get in his bed and explore in his room, which includes taking all of the clothes out of the dresser drawers, fun! We are so excited for him to get here, only a few more weeks!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Addy's imagination is really creative and she is talking up a storm! She is really into pretending with her baby and dishes and whatever else she can find around the house. She still loves reading books and has started reading them to us, or so she thinks anyways. We cant understand her jabbering but we sure pretend that we understand her.  I recently got her a tea party set and we are drinking and eating fools!  She gives everyone drinks and bites including her horses, pa-pa's and Farley of course!  This is such a fabulous age and she has such a wonderful personality, but a strong one! She says juice please and pulls on the fridge when she is thirsty, says eat, nite-nite, whats that, fish, baby, go-go, beep-beep, choo-choo and most recently loves big trucks!  I bet I say "big truck" at least 50 times on my way to and from daycare every day! She loves them and gets so excited when she sees one!  Talking on the phone is another one of her pass times, she amazingly figured out how to unlock my iPhone all by herself and just talks and talks to who I have no idea.  She still loves to be outside which its going to be tough to keep her inside when the weather gets cold. Daddy likes to push her in her swing in her PJ's on the weekends and its sad that will come to an end in just a matter of a few weeks!

Recently on the weekends we have a new family time ritual that we do. On Saturday and Sunday mornings when Addy wakes up she comes to bed and wakes Daddy up with kisses and we eat breakfast in bed and watch her all time favorite cartoon Bubble Guppies!   We snuggle under the covers and sing and dance! Its so special to me and don't ever want her to get big!  Its such a fun memory that I will always hold so dear to my heart. Every second with her is so special, she is truly the best thing in the whole world.... wipe the tears, wipe the tears!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bridal Shower

My best friend Kendra is getting married in February and I am the matron of honor so I threw her a bridal shower/girls day out for her friends and family!  It turned out great and she got so many wonderful gifts! It was so fun meeting Brent's family and getting to spend the day with them, she is one lucky girl :) Cant wait for her big day, its going to be so beautiful!

The canvas I made them for their home
 Kendra and her mom
 Mrs. Salazar

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Louisburg Cider Mill

Addy got to experience yet another annual Chase tradition, Louisburg Cider Mill!  We were just reminiscing about how many years its been since we have been going there and we think its about 23 years or so, crazy! Last year she was so small but this year it was great to see her reactions to everything!  Its changed so much over the years and gotten so much bigger but its always so much fun to pick out pumpkins, eat cider donuts and caramel apples and listen to the music. Addy really had a great time and loved sitting on all of the pumpkins. I think her favorite thing was listening to the banjo players with one of her favorite people, Grandpa!  It was a perfect day to go along with the perfect weather!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Baby Shower

My best friends Kendra and Justin threw a wonderful frog and duck themed baby shower for us and we couldn't be more thankful! We got some adorable outfits, blankets, and all of the typical "boy" stuff including a John Deere tractor!  We are so lucky to have such great friends and family that were so generous!!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Weekend with Grandma Krebs

Since I am due right around Thanksgiving I was reluctant to travel down to Leon for Thanksgiving so we decided to have an early Thanksgiving in October. We ventured down there Friday night and spent the weekend with Grandma, Aunt Courtnie, Hunter and Mat's 2 Aunts Barb and Julie and his 97 year old Grandpa. We had a great time Addy couldn't get enough of Grandma's horse Cupid and her cousin Hunter.  The have been through such a drought lately her pond is actually only a few inches deep, it was really sad to see!  We got to eat a wonderful meal and spend some quality time together.