Thursday, March 29, 2012

Addy is 2!!

Where in the WORLD has the time gone?  I tear up every time I think about how big my baby girl is getting!  I have a feeling in the blink of an eye she is going to be a sassy teenager and I dead those days!  On a lighter note she is such happy girl and always tries to do her best and do the right thing. She has her onry moments but for the most part she listens and takes direction better and better.  I think she is finally getting use to the word "no" instead of crying every time we say it!  The curiosity and imagination have really blossomed the past couple of months.

She still loves reading books and knows 5 colors and learned them in this, yellow, white, green, orange and we are still working on red and pink right now!  She knows all her animal sounds and has finally started saying the animal name instead of the sound they make, whew!  I thought monkey's would be called hooo-hooo's forever!  Eating is still a chore, she is kinda picky and not fond of new things so its the same ole same ole day after day but she doesn't seem to mind too much!  She still loves black olives, banana's, yogurt and her fish sticks and sausage!

Her love for Bauer is growing and growing and sneaks in a hug and kiss for him every once in a while.  She loves to mock his noises and crying which makes it for a loud house!  She loves putting his pa-pa in his mouth and helps holding his bottle (for about 5 seconds before she gets distracted with something else!)

For her actual birthday day I took off work to spend the day with her doing all of her favorite things, we cuddled and watched Bubble Guppies in our bed and I let her watch as many episodes as she wanted (3) and then we ate waffles and sausage for breakfast with dip (syrup), went to the park and played our hearts out, walked to Sonic for ice cream, took a nice long nap and then met Grandpa and Nannie at PowerPlay, an indoor arcade/kid play place.

We had a fabulous day!  On Sunday we had her birthday party at our house and just invited close friends and family out.  Her big present this year was a swing set for the back yard. We spent most of the day putting it together with Grandpa's help thankfully!  It took A L L day long!  My mom and I put together her new picnic table they got her, she loves it, especially eating snack out there!  She had a great party playing with her friends and cousins on her play set and eating donuts, cake and fruit! 

 We love you so much Addy, Happy Birthday Bug!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bauer 4 Months

Bauer is nothing but all smiles 99% of the time! He is so happy and loves to flirt!  Sometimes its a challenge to get him to drink his bottle because he is too busy smiling at you!  Addy is his favorite person to smile at, he watches her like a hawk, its so precious! 

He is also rolling over everywhere!  I think he likes being on his tummy but his big head gets a little heavy on his neck and cries after a little while!  He is such a character and has the sweetest personality. 

We tried cereal for the first time in hopes that it would help him sleep through the night but he hated it and kept gagging so we will keep trying.  I have a feeling he might be like Addy was and enjoy the oatmeal better than the cereal.   He loves being upright and in the exersaucer or jumper, it helps him have a better view of Addy :) 

If looks could kill......

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Random Cuteness

 All smiles
 I dont wanna sit next to him!
 Addy dancing with her 2nd cousin at a wedding, it was precious!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Its Spring! Let the imaginations wander...

Addy loves to play outside and especially mow with Daddy!  She was so cute the first time Mat mowed, she got really excited jumping up and down when he unveiled the riding mower but once it started she got scared and was no longer interested in riding it!  But of course she still had to help, this Spring she wanted to mow by herself to "hepppp daddy" mow! 

Addy's imagination is really started to broaden too, she is starting to become more and more independent and with that comes an attitude too of course!  :)  Recently I got some hand-me-down clothes for Bauer and was rummaging through them when my little "helper" came along to lend a hand....and this is what it turned into...9 pairs of shorts 6 shirts a hat and boots!  Quite the character!

She is also starting to try on my shoes and attempt to walk around the house, its so funny!  She scoots around saying "Addy Mommy walk" which translates into walk like mommy!  I couldn't help but put her in my rain boots for a good laugh!