Monday, July 18, 2011

Its a Boy!

Again, clearly its a boy!
...he wasn't shy about letting us know either! As soon as she put it on my belly there he was legs wide open!  She quickly said "do you want to know cause now is the time!"  It was hilarious!  I saw it first and immediately looked at Mat and he just squinting trying to make sense of the black and white fuzziness and when she said "its a boy" Mat looked like a deer in headlights and immediately got a bit smile on his face! It was priceless! 

Everything looks great but of course, just like when I was pregnant with Addy, there is a small concern.  My placenta is placed on the front of my belly this time and spans the whole front therefore my placenta is so low that its attached to my cervix.  We are hoping that when I go back for a second sonogram at 28 weeks it will show that my placenta has moved and stretched upward with my belly but if it doesn't then there is no chance that I will be able to deliver vaginally and will have to have a scheduled c-section. If I were to attempt to deliver vaginally my placenta could tear away from my cervix and ultimately I could bleed to death. I am not going to worry about it until after my sonogram at 28 weeks and am hopeful everything will turn out just fine. Everything else looks really healthy and he was really good about taking measurements and moving around while taking pictures, unlike Addy, she was camera shy!  

So far so good!  We are so thrilled and cant wait to meet him!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Beach Adventures

I have always loved the beach so much and have wanted my kids to have great memories of beach vacations as well, so we ventured off to Longboat Key, Florida.  After months of planning and searching for a house to rent it all fell into place last minute and away we went.  I was super excited about sharing this with Addy and couldn't wait to see her reaction to the sand and waves but was also nervous about how she would do on the plane, would she sleep good in a a pack-n-play all week, would she get use to her surroundings, etc.  We left July 2nd  in anticipation for her first plane ride! I couldn't have asked for anything better. We did activities in 20 minute increments, we read books, ate snacks, climbed from person to person, made a few trips up and down the isles and her favorite thing was playing peek-a-boo with the other passengers.

We made it successfully and the festivities began!  The first day we visited Lido Beach and watched the boat races, wow they went fast!  Addy wast sure about the sand at first she couldn't quite grasp the concept that it wasn't coming off.  After about an hour of trying to brush it off her feet and hands she quickly forgot about it and began digging and scooping sand with her toys! 

Luckily enough I even got her to nap on the beach!  

We did so many fun things like visited the aquarium, went to Siesta Key Beach, ate at Marina Jacks and saw the beautiful boats!

We enjoyed to Anna Maria Island Pier
Deep Sea Fishing

Watched all of the pretty rainbows, even double ones!
Swimming in the pool (or skinny dipping like Addy)

Happy 4th of July
Best of all we spent the majority of the time playing on the beach and watching the sunsets!

 Oh yea....we had a "house guest" Lizzy...

All good things have to come to an end. We were really sad to go but it was an amazing vacation that we will always treasure and cant wait to take our next vacation with 2 kids!  Yikes!

Good bye beach....until next time.....