Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Here We Go Again!!!

Tuesday, April 5th was a day of absolute shock! We found out I am pregnant again!  We were planning on waiting until Addy turned two but hey, I guess everything happens for a reason!  We have been so emotional this time wondering how Addy will handle our shared attention with the new baby, how are we going to afford it and I know that Farley will want nothing more than to run far away from another baby!  Poor kitty!  Mat of course has his fingers crossed for a boy but I secretly am hoping for another girl to save us some money but then again it would be special for Addy to be the only little girl too!  We had to kick all of our household projects into gear quick. Mat is starting to build a 3rd car garage so we can move all of our stuff from the basement to the garage so we can finish the basement. Of course in my dream land I would love for everything to be done by the time the baby gets here but I know its wishful thinking!

My due date is December 6th but will probably be induced again a week early so the baby doesn't get too big. The doctor said that I wont be able to deliver anything much over 6lbs so its likely this baby will be here in November instead.  Time will tell! I have been feeling terrible this time around.  About 3:00pm every day I feel like I could vomit but never do, I often think I would feel better if I did!  Also the tiredness is awful this time! I typically end up napping in my car during my lunch breaks and can barely make it home from daycare and need to lay down again!  Poor Addy just looks at me like "whats wrong with you, I got to nap today didn't you?"  Hopefully it will all subside in the next few weeks!

In other exciting news I am going to be the Matron of Honor in my best friends wedding in February! So thankful this baby will be here before then but hope I can shed the baby flab and fit into a dress!  I am so honored and so excited for her and cant wait to celebrate with her! 

Monday, May 9, 2011

Our Lil' Fishy

Whew,16 weeks of swimming lessons came to an end.  Addy enjoyed them so much and learned a lot! We are so happy and thankful we got to do them with our friends Michelle and Callie!  They both learned how to splash, kick, float on their back with a little help still of course, climb in and out of the pool all alone and go under!  We are going to take a break from lessons for the summer since I imagine we will be at the pool and lake quite a bit!  We are so happy that we did them and hope that if she were to ever get in a situation where she fell in water she wouldn't panic and would know how to get out!  That is the goal anyways!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers Day

I had a fantastic Mothers Day!  It didn't start out too great when we had to take Addy to urgent care to be treated for her ear infection and sinus infection but thankful we got some antibiotics and lots of rest so she was ready for a fun filled day on Sunday!  Daddy Addy made me the cutest card with her hand prints on it and a few kisses too!  Its so special!  We spent most of the day at the Royals Game with my parents and sister and her boyfriend. The weather was so perfect and Addy was so great the entire time! When the crowd started cheering and clapping she got a big grin on her face and thought everyone was cheering just for her.  Priceless!  She loved playing in the kid area with the water and slides and carousel but most of all she loved all of the yummy treats like pizza, hot dogs, frozen lemonade, chocolate malt, she was wired all night long! 

It was an extra special Mothers Day this year since I recently found out I am pregnant again!  It makes me sad that it was my last Mothers Day being a mother of one but know that next year will be special too being a mommy of two!