Tuesday, June 29, 2010

3 Months Old Already!

Cant believe that she is 3 months old already! She is getting so big!  Its such a fun time, she is smiling like crazy and even laughing once in a while! She started reaching for a few things just the past couple of days.  Time really does fly by and we are enjoying every second with her! We started new formula, yes again, and it seems to be doing the trick for her horrible colic!  Hopefully soon we will start some cereal and can finally say good riddens to colic!  At her checkup last time she was 10 lbs and 22 inches long so I bet by now she is about 12 pounds already!  She is starting to get rolls on her legs, its adorable!  Here are some cute recent pics and her 3 month old pictures!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fathers Day

For Fathers Day we decided to venture out to the new Spring Hill Aquatic Center that just opened!  Its a beautiful pool with a lazy river that is really relaxing!  Addy didnt really think much about the pool, I think she just thought it was bath time!  She sure did look cute in her bikini though! 

I attempted to make Mat a stepping stone with plaster for Fathers Day but failed!  It was a goopy disaster so three tries later I finally got it done...or so I thought!  As soon as it dried I painted it, put her foot prints on it and then the whole thing just cracked and fell apart.  At least we tried and its the thought that counts!  Addy also made him a card!  To explain the card a little...Mat bought a boat that weekend so that is why there is a boat on the front of his card...at least that is want its suppose to be!  :)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Royals Game

Addy experienced her first Royals Game and seemed to like it. She slept through most of it so she must take after her parents opinion of baseball...b-o-r-i-n-g!  It was a fun time since the stadium is so incredible now and she got a polar bear and a certificate with her name on it for her first time there! 

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

First Shots

Poor baby is really all I can say! It was the saddest and most emotional day for me, my mom and Addy!  I told Addy and Mat that I cant go and do it again, he is going to have to take her next time!

A busy busy May and so many firsts!

Just like April, May just flew by! It was such an exciting month since Addy is changing more and more each day! 

First off in May we celebrated Mothers Day by going to Nick and Jake's and eating dinner with my parents and sister and were suppose to go and walk at the Arboretum but the weather didnt cooperate.  My mom gave me a beautiful necklace with Addyson's name engraved on it with her birth stone and she gave me a new jewelry box with my initials engraved on it!  Mat got me a massage a rose from Addy and a wonderful card.  I had such a great first Mothers Day and feel so blessed to have such a wonderful and healthy daughter and such a hard working and loving husband.

Family picture on Mothers Day

Addy at Nick and Jakes being a princess one minute and having enough the next!
It was also my mom's birthday in May and we ventured out to the zoo for the day and went out to eat at BRGR.  It was a great day!

This Memorial Day weekend we decided to go and spend time with Mat's family that had not had the chance to meet Addy yet.  Mat's aunts and grandpa were able to come over to Eileen's for dinner and to meet Addy.  It was a fun weekend with a bon fire, smores, dinner with some great friends and good ole country living :)

Addy is doing so many new things!  Almost everytime to you talk to her you get a big smile and sometimes even a little laugh.  She is so focused on what is going on around her.  She loves her mobile and loves to lay on her changing table and stare at the elephants on the wall.  We have such a great time interacting with her now and her personality is really starting to show.  The month of May was definatly a test of our patients.  We have had a hard time finding the right formula that agrees with her belly but think that we have finally found the cure to her gas problems and belly aches.  Thank goodness!  She has been so misreable and is now the happiest baby so we have determined that she is lactose intolerant.  At least we have found out what is wrong just in time for her to go to daycare!