Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fathers Day

For Fathers Day we decided to venture out to the new Spring Hill Aquatic Center that just opened!  Its a beautiful pool with a lazy river that is really relaxing!  Addy didnt really think much about the pool, I think she just thought it was bath time!  She sure did look cute in her bikini though! 

I attempted to make Mat a stepping stone with plaster for Fathers Day but failed!  It was a goopy disaster so three tries later I finally got it done...or so I thought!  As soon as it dried I painted it, put her foot prints on it and then the whole thing just cracked and fell apart.  At least we tried and its the thought that counts!  Addy also made him a card!  To explain the card a little...Mat bought a boat that weekend so that is why there is a boat on the front of his least that is want its suppose to be!  :)

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