Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Its Spring! Let the imaginations wander...

Addy loves to play outside and especially mow with Daddy!  She was so cute the first time Mat mowed, she got really excited jumping up and down when he unveiled the riding mower but once it started she got scared and was no longer interested in riding it!  But of course she still had to help, this Spring she wanted to mow by herself to "hepppp daddy" mow! 

Addy's imagination is really started to broaden too, she is starting to become more and more independent and with that comes an attitude too of course!  :)  Recently I got some hand-me-down clothes for Bauer and was rummaging through them when my little "helper" came along to lend a hand....and this is what it turned into...9 pairs of shorts 6 shirts a hat and boots!  Quite the character!

She is also starting to try on my shoes and attempt to walk around the house, its so funny!  She scoots around saying "Addy Mommy walk" which translates into walk like mommy!  I couldn't help but put her in my rain boots for a good laugh!

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