Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bauer 4 Months

Bauer is nothing but all smiles 99% of the time! He is so happy and loves to flirt!  Sometimes its a challenge to get him to drink his bottle because he is too busy smiling at you!  Addy is his favorite person to smile at, he watches her like a hawk, its so precious! 

He is also rolling over everywhere!  I think he likes being on his tummy but his big head gets a little heavy on his neck and cries after a little while!  He is such a character and has the sweetest personality. 

We tried cereal for the first time in hopes that it would help him sleep through the night but he hated it and kept gagging so we will keep trying.  I have a feeling he might be like Addy was and enjoy the oatmeal better than the cereal.   He loves being upright and in the exersaucer or jumper, it helps him have a better view of Addy :) 

If looks could kill......

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