Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Addy's imagination is really creative and she is talking up a storm! She is really into pretending with her baby and dishes and whatever else she can find around the house. She still loves reading books and has started reading them to us, or so she thinks anyways. We cant understand her jabbering but we sure pretend that we understand her.  I recently got her a tea party set and we are drinking and eating fools!  She gives everyone drinks and bites including her horses, pa-pa's and Farley of course!  This is such a fabulous age and she has such a wonderful personality, but a strong one! She says juice please and pulls on the fridge when she is thirsty, says eat, nite-nite, whats that, fish, baby, go-go, beep-beep, choo-choo and most recently loves big trucks!  I bet I say "big truck" at least 50 times on my way to and from daycare every day! She loves them and gets so excited when she sees one!  Talking on the phone is another one of her pass times, she amazingly figured out how to unlock my iPhone all by herself and just talks and talks to who I have no idea.  She still loves to be outside which its going to be tough to keep her inside when the weather gets cold. Daddy likes to push her in her swing in her PJ's on the weekends and its sad that will come to an end in just a matter of a few weeks!

Recently on the weekends we have a new family time ritual that we do. On Saturday and Sunday mornings when Addy wakes up she comes to bed and wakes Daddy up with kisses and we eat breakfast in bed and watch her all time favorite cartoon Bubble Guppies!   We snuggle under the covers and sing and dance! Its so special to me and don't ever want her to get big!  Its such a fun memory that I will always hold so dear to my heart. Every second with her is so special, she is truly the best thing in the whole world.... wipe the tears, wipe the tears!

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