Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Baby Room!!

Its finally done!! Yahoo!!!  It has taken so much longer to get his room done then it did hers!  Amazing how much time we don't have to get it all complete!  We had a much harder time picking out a boy theme, everything was either sports or red/white/blue, ugh. We finally decided to do fish!  It really turned out great and are so happy with it!  My mom found us an antique rocking chair that I am in the process of staining so I still have a little more to do, but painting with a 19 month old is quite a pain interesting! Addy is completely clueless which makes me a little sad that she has no idea what is about to rock her world but hopefully she is at a good age where she will transition smoothly and not get too jealous. She does however, love to get in his bed and explore in his room, which includes taking all of the clothes out of the dresser drawers, fun! We are so excited for him to get here, only a few more weeks!

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