Saturday, August 13, 2011


Addy has defiantly started her "pretending stage" and oh my is it precious! We got her a bean bag baby so she can get used to us holding a baby and talking about a baby before "he" gets here. She loves her baby named "Shya" and takes her everywhere!  She loves to take her hat on and off, put her in and out of her car and let me tell you how much Farley loves Shya (not)!  "Mommy Addy" sure does like to put baby Shya on Farley's back so she can ride him, its hilarious!  She is also a real climber, our couches have become jungle jims and she seems to think that she can lay on the back of the couch like Farley does too. She is busy busy busy and is really starting to develop her personality which is much like her daddy, she is very hard headed and knows exactly what she wants and she wants it NOW (not the two minutes it takes the food to warm up in the microwave darn it!).  She also loves shoes and loves to put on our shoes and walk around. Her swing outside and wagon rides are some of her favorite summertime activities including swimming of course! She is such a fish and loves the water so much, fountains are her all time favorite!  She is getting so big so quickly!

 "Don't you dare touch that" face!


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