Friday, August 12, 2011

New Adventures

We have been adventurous recently and its makes us look like we are sport fanatics when in reality we just keep getting free tickets to things!  My work has purchased season tickets to just about all sporting events and concerts and we are living it up!

Addy (along with us) got to experience her first soccer game at the brand new Livestrong Sporting Park with Eileen and Hunter! It was amazing!  The seats were great, the food was fantastic and overall it was a great experience! Addy loved all of the drums and people cheering, she thought it was all for her of course, she was sucking it up! 

However a few tears were shed when the mascot snuck up behind her and Hunter
 Hmmm...too many choices on this menu
 Teasing Hunter of course, they love each other!

Addy also got to enjoy her first Chiefs game at the season opener. She was super tired but hung in there really well and loved having her own chair to sit in and having an endless amount of nanny's Oreo cookies! 

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