Monday, August 29, 2011

17 Months Old

Time is just flying by and we are loving this age...well...everything but the tantrum part!  Its truely amazing to watch Addy grow and learn so many new things every day! Lately her favorite things to do are play on the slide outside and yell from the top "Da Da Da!!!!!"  We dont know why she says that exactly but I am sure she can be heard from a few blocks away. She loves to swing and be outside and chase grasshoppers with Farley.  She is also really getting carried away with her words and explanations. She has a story for everything and even though we have no idea what she is saying most of the time it sure sounds interesting!  Her favorite toys are still her doggie, horsey and Shya her baby. She always has one of them in tow.  She loves strawberries and anything with DIP, yea I know!  Grandpa started it so we can blame all of her dipping obessions on him. It really is adorable and loves to dip everything in ranch including animal crackers, veggie sticks and blueberries. It always gives us a good laugh!

Our wonderful Parents as Teachers woman says that Addy is ahead of most kiddo's her age with her developmental skills which is wonderful!  Recently she has begun testing her boundries and pushing the limits with things that she knows she is not suppose to do such as throwing her cup off her high chair, throwing food on the ground, and when she doesnt get her way head butting everything (including concrete) are her ways of showing her aggression. Its crazy!  We had to start time-out already which has definatly been a challenge for mommy!  My patients have been tested and I really need to work on some things myself, this job as a mommy is tough stuff!  We have been really good about being consistant and they seem to be working. We might have a long road ahead of us but love every second of her! She truely has both of our personalities that are really starting to shine!

Also I finally figured out how to use my camera properly so I have been able to get some great pictures of her and her personality! 

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