Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fathers Day

Mat had a wonderful day doing everything Daddy wanted to do!  We made him breakfast and gave him his card/poster and then went to my parents to spend the day with my dad and Mat went to the gun show, yes, a real gun show.  That is what he really wanted to do!  We lounged around and had a nice relaxing day! 

A Son's First Hero
A Daughters First Love

Daddy, I love you for all that you do
I'll kiss you and hug you cause you love me too
You feed me and need me to teach you to play
So smile cause I love you on this Fathers Day!


 Fathers Day is such a special day because no words can possibly express a daughters love for her dad!  My dad is one of the most selfless and hardest working people I know and would do anything for anyone even if its sacrificing something for himself.  He makes me who I am today and has taught me so many things about life, how to love unconditionally, how to work my hardest, to never give up and to always be the best I can be!  Thank you for being such a wonderful Dad and PaPa to our kids, you are my hero! I love you!


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