Sunday, June 24, 2012

Bauer is 7 Months!

Where in the world has the time gone? I know I say this over and over again but wow!  Bauer's personality is really starting to shine! He is still so happy and loves to laugh but he has absolutely no patience at all!  He wants it NOW!  Whether its food or a toy he screams until he gets what he wants!  I already cant imagine what the terrible two's are going to be like with this guy! 

He has 2 little teeth on the bottom that just popped through! Luckily I dont think he is going to be nearly as bad of a teether as Addy is! He is a little fussy but no 104 fevers, so I will take the fussiness any day!

Still loves his johnny jumper and is starting to jump so high he gets air!  He can put his pa-pa in all by himself and is sitting like a champ now!  Still no sign of crawling but that is just fine with me, the longer he can stay put- the better!

He is getting a little better with sleeping but is still getting up at least once in the night and is up for the day (literally) the second he sees the sunshine, so around 6:00am!  Still loves his jar food and barely wants anything to do with his bottles.  He has really found his voice and loves to scream really loud! I think he likes the reaction he gets from it most of all!  He admires Addy so much and is constantly looking for her and watching her run around and play. I am sure he is taking all kinds of notes!

He loves to snuggle into your neck or a blanket and snort as loud as he can!  He is still super ticklish and morning are his favorite time!  (it makes waking up at 6:00 much more enjoyable!)

His nickname "Bow Bow" has officially stuck, Addy is now calling him that and he seems to turn his head to it!  He went on his first wagon ride with Addy this weekend and really seemed to like it!  He is such a big boy!

 This picture is priceless! Rock on!

 Where are my teeth????
 Here they are!!!

We love you Bow Bow!

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