Thursday, January 26, 2012

Giddy Up Horsey

The first two weeks Lucky lived in the basement and she would go down for a visit every once in a while but wouldn't touch it, pet it or barely come near it. She was scared to death of this thing!  After some coaxing we eventually got her to get a little closer and closer each night until we finally just set her on it to see what would happen.  She eventually warmed up to him and now we have to beg her to get off of it to eat dinner and take a bath! 

"Lucky" really has no idea how lucky he is! Addy loves this horsey so much. When you push one of his ears he sings and the other ear makes little comments like how he loves riding through the meadow with her, etc. She rides this horsey like she is literally riding through the meadow at 20 miles per hour!  Lucky gets goodnight kisses, goodbye kisses, she brushes his hair and even Shya gets a ride every once in a while!  Its so adorable!

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