Sunday, December 25, 2011

Its Christmas!!!

 What a great Christmas! Addy must have been really good this year, she got so many fun new toys! Our good friend Kyle came out a few weeks before Christmas and took some professional pictures for our Christmas card and managed to get all of us to look at the camera at the same time for a few of them! It was a bit of a struggle but were able to get the 70+ cards out in the nick of time!

We did things a little different this year for the first time ever! We celebrated with my family on Christmas Eve by having brunch at my Aunt Nancy's house! It was so wonderful to see everyone and spend time catching up since we didn't see anyone on Thanksgiving. The food was wonderful as always and the company was even better!

Christmas morning we spent at our house and Addy woke up to her new kitchen, dishes and shopping cart that Santa brought her! Much to my disappointment she woke up on the wrong side of the bed that morning and was super grumpy! I could barely sleep the night before because I couldn't want to see her reaction and right when she saw it that morning she barely paid any attention to it and didn't want to play at all. Oh well, it just made me realize that I cant set any expectations! That night after a good long nap she ended up loving it and plays with it all the time! Bauer and Farley have had lots of juice, pickles and eggs! :)

That afternoon we went to my parents to open presents and WOW did Addy have a blast! She loved opening and playing in between with her new Elmo, Barn, Magna-Doodle and Shopping Cart. She had such a wonderful time! 
 Opening Presents is exhausting!

 Cant wait for next year when Bauer is one and Addy will be almost three!

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