Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I told myself this time around we wouldn't struggle with the name game like we did with Addy but sure enough it came down to the wire again!  I have always told Mat that if we have a boy he could name him so he chose Bauer and I got to choose the middle name as Chase, my maiden name. 

Addy got to meet Bauer the 2nd day in the hospital and it didn't go too smoothly.  She had been staying with my parents have a blast being spoiled by getting two baths a day, staying up late, running around like a wild child.  Once she got to the hospital she was very confused as to why I was in bed and couldn't really hold her much, it was sad to see the confused look on her face.  She had a few tantrums while we were there about being gentle.  She kept pointing at Bauer and saying her famous line "whazzzz tat?"  Every time he makes a squeak or cry she giggles! The second day of meeting and going home was smoother since I was up and around and at least looked normal, to her.  We came home around 1:00 after going through the Arby's drive thru for some good eatin!  That afternoon was hectic trying to unpack everything and get settled, I think it was a challenge for all of us! 

Mat of course has been so wonderful trying to spend good quality time with Addy and keeping everyone happy! He is so great!  We are trying to keep things as normal for Addy as we can to try and prevent jealousy and resentment but I have already noticed that there are not enough hours in the day or enough hands to go around!

Here are a few pics to begin our journey being a family of 4!

Leaving the hospital

We're Home!!

She likes his hair

So BIG (with her big sister shirt and sticker)

This picture is hilarious, we know Addy, we totally rocked your world, poor thing!

Handsome Like Daddy

Sweet sweet boy!

First Bath

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