Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dream Come True

Ever since I was a little girl I have always dreamed about going on a hot air balloon ride. Even though I am a little afraid of heights I always thought it would be amazing to fly up with the birds and see what they see.  Its something that I have mentioned here and there and never really thought anyone paid attention! Just when I thought that Mat belonged sleeping outside in a dog house for not getting me anything for my birthday or 5 year wedding anniversary I quickly ate my words.

On a random Thursday he called me at work to tell me not to pick Addy up from daycare and he will come to pick me up. I immediately panicked and though something had to be wrong so I worried for the next hour until he came and got me and assured me Addy was just fine.  We went to eat at Granite City and I was still confused as to what we were doing and why we were eating alone, that never happens?  I kept thinking to myself how nice it was that he actually planned time to spend together! I was loving every second of dinner until we had to swiftly leave after he looked at his watch and he whisked me away to Lees Summit.  We pulled into the Lowe's parking lot and I explained to him that we had a Lowe's by our house and we didn't need to drive 30 minutes away to go to one. I was really confused then! He made the excuse that he had to use the restroom so I wandered around Lowe's wondering what in the world was going on, was he going to buy me a new fan, a new chandelier for our kitchen? Once we walked out of the Lowe's building there was the balloon van coming to pick us up with the big basket on a trailer behind it. I was SHOCKED and couldn't believe that he actually payed attention to my ramblings about wanting to do this.  I started crying while all 6 crew members just stared at me, lol!  It was pretty funny! They drove us to a nearby field where they whisked us away for an hour an a half of pure amazement. It truly was a dream come true and I am so thankful and appreciative that he took the time to do this for me!  I am a very lucky girl!

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