Saturday, March 5, 2011

An Annual Tradition....The Auto Show

If you know anything about my family you know the Bartle Hall Auto Show is an annual tradition.  My dad gets free tickets from work every year and literally I think I have gone to this every year since I was born! No matter what, pregnant and all, we always go!  We have shared great memories there, from my Mom wandering off and getting lost and us spending at least half our time there playing Where's Waldo Mom, Rachel's hands getting rashy from all the chemicals on the pamplets and how I used to cart every single piece of paper, brochure and bag home from this event when I was little and I would keep it all hoarded under my bed until the next years new papers, brochures and bags came along to replace them.  So funny!  This year Addy had her first experience and loved it. Even though she has been under the weather she still enjoyed all of the lights, people and getting in all the cars!  She was a real trooper!

" attention...... I see something over there I want!!!"

"This is how you open the sunroof Grandpa!"
Zoom Zoom!

Until next year....

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