Saturday, January 22, 2011


Addy had her first experience sledding and boy was it hilarious!  I got her all bundled up in her snow suit, her hat and gloves her slippers and away we went.  As I was putting on my snow boots I had to set her down to put them on and she just fell right over she was bundled so tight!  I laughed and she cried! :) 

Once I set her down in the sled she gave me "the look" which consists of a mean glare and pouty lip.  Once we started moving around she got a little happier and I only mean a little! She was confused most of the time and continued to give me "the look" most of the time, like really mom?  Is this suppose to be fun? as I am jumping around trying to get her to smile. It was hilarious, to only me apparently. 

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