Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year...kind of...

Poor Addy has been suffering from Croup the week before Christmas.  After a weeks worth of steroids we thought she was all better.  New Years Eve Addy woke with a 103 fever so we rushed her to the walk-in clinic at her pediatricians office office and they told us to immediately go to Children's Mercy, so away we went!  After waiting for 3 hours in the waiting room and 3 hours in the room we finally got seen.  We were all exhausted and starving and basically the doctor just told us that she couldn't find anything wrong with her, no ear infection, no strep, nothing!  Either she had a viral infection or teething.  So after a long day we ate a wonderful meal at my best friend Kendra's and Addy had some needed play time after being confined to our laps all day long!!  We came home and crashed and barely made it until midnight. Not the way we wanted to ring in the new year but we were so worried about Addy. We spent most of the night checking in on her and hoping that they Tylenol would continue to work.  All day New Years Day the poor thing still had a lower grade fever but played and played like nothing was wrong!  She was in great spirits all weekend and enjoyed playing with all of her new toys that Santa brought her.  Finally Sunday she was fever free! Hopefully this doesn't mean that 2011 will be filled with sickness! 

What a year its been!  Such a wonderful and exciting 2010 with so many things to be thankful for!  Our beautiful Addy who amazes us each day! She is so smart and is learning so much every day! She dances to any music she hears, even on commercials, loves to eat banana's and sweet potatoes and curls her nose and snorts when she gets excited!  She loves to read books and has learned how to turn the pages on her own!  Farley is her best buddy even though the feeling isn't always mutual!  Playing with daddy's lunch box, chewing on the sides of her crib and spilling Farley's water all over the kitchen floor are just a few of her favorite things to do at the moment!  She is growing up so fast that we are trying to savor each moment! Each night when I rock her to sleep I wonder how she is going to fit on my lap next month and if she will still let me cuddle her when she is 5 or 10?  My mom always told me that you will never love something so much and just when I thought my heart was full with my love for Mat Addy let that love overflow!  We love her so much and don't even remember what our lives were like without her!  Your love for your child is something that is truly magical and can never be replaced!  I luckily was off the week between Christmas and New Years since her daycare was closed. We had a wonderful week and have never read so many books or crawled around on the floor so much!  I am looking forward to our week together in years to come!  I love our quality time we get together and hope that I wont ever forget these memories! 

Okay now that I am tearing up lets move onto other things that we are thankful for! Our jobs, even though they can be challenging at times we are very thankful to have them so allow us to have all of the wonderful things that we have!  We bought a boat this year and cant wait to take it out this summer when Addy is older and can play in the water!  Mat also just bought a new truck so now all 3 of us can ride in a car other than mine!  We are thankful for our health, our family and friends and Farley!  Even though he has become our second priority I look forward to our cuddle time at night!  He is a great feet warmer!  So as 2010 ends we are looking forward to the new things that 2011 has in store for us!  Bring it on, we are ready for a new fresh start!  Happy New Year!

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