Thursday, September 29, 2011

Happy 1/2 Birthday Addy Bug

It is SO hard to believe that she is 18 months old already!  Time really flies when you are having fun!  Her vocabulary has really improved over the past month and she is starting to say her words instead of using her sign language.  She says "more, please, up, and whats that?"  She knows about 10 animal sounds and the cow still seems to be her favorite sound to make. At her 18 month check up she is now the 50th percentile for height, 40th in weight and 25th in head circumference. She has really grown a lot since her 15 month check up.    She loves to have the music on while she eats in her high chair, loves to try and pick Farley up to carry him around and most of all love to give everything kisses.  We have to spend at least 10 minute each night giving everyone and every stuffed animal a kiss goodnight, its so precious.  She adores her daddy and loves the "kissie monster!"  She gets so excited when she hears the garage door open and runs to the door in anticipation.  She still loves to read books, watch Bubble Guppies and dance and has now started running everywhere instead of walking.  I think she is going to have a tough time come winter time because she loves being outside!  She is still ornery and continues to test her boundaries but is doing much better the past few days with accepting the word "no" instead of crying about it every time you say it.  She is now just taking one nap a day for about 3 hours and is still sleeping at least 12 hours at night.  I hope she is still a wonderful sleeper when the baby gets here!  Addy has no idea what is coming and thinks that my belly is just a stepping stool to help her get onto the couch.  We have been practicing with her baby Shya and it seems to be going well so far!  She is so amazing and want the time to slow down so we can enjoy this age longer.  We love you Addy more than you will ever know!

As far as the baby goes, he is a BIG boy! I am measuring about two weeks bigger than my due date and he is already 3.5 pounds at 30 weeks.  He is long and has a bigger head than Addy did at this time.  My placenta has moved away from the danger zone so I am free to deliver normally instead of scheduling a c-section. I am so thankful! Even if one is inevitable at least I can say that I tried!  We are still struggling with a name just like we did with Addy.   I imagine we will be down to the wire at the hospital again and they are going to have to give us a 10 minute deadline like before. Its just so hard to choose!  We cant wait to meet him!  I have been really bad about taking pictures this time since I am lucky eat dinner and shower but here is a recent picture of my belly at 28 weeks.

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