Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day and Addys New Friend Violet

We got to spend this Valentines Day at home, playing and snuggling with Addy!  Mat bought us roses and Grandma and Grandpa got Addy a balloon and a new special friend, Violet.  Addy loves Violet, she is a Leap Frog puppy that says Addy's name and even talks about how her and Addy have so much in common, both love Farley, the color pink and french fries!  Addy loves it when Violet sings her songs, she puts her arms in the air and rocks back and forth like she is at the best concert she has ever been to!  Hilarious!  Violet sure does get lots of kisses, its adorable!  She also received 3 Valentines from Grandma Krebs, Kathy and Skylar at daycare, she is one lucky little girl!

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