Friday, December 10, 2010

Tree, Lights and a Snowman

Addy of course was a great help decorating the Christmas Tree this year!  From eating the lights, breaking an ornament, almost pulling the whole tree town and falling and getting a boo-boo on her head, we finally got it up!

All mine!
 Can I eat these?
 Touch nicely!

We have a snowman that plays the piano and dances to Christmas music that Addy is in love with. She pulls it down off the steps and cries for us to push the button to play it.  Little did I know that when I played it for the first time I would see the cutest thing I have ever seen....she dances!  I don't know where she learned it or when she started doing it but whenever she hears any kind of music she rocks back and forth, its so adorable!! She even starts rocking so hard her feet come off the ground!

Here is the video!

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