Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July Weekend

Addy's first 4th of July!  This is one of my favorite holidays growing up! Typically we spent almost every 4th of vacation so that always made this holiday so much more fun but this year we decided to have our own fun at home by buying a boat!  One of Mat's friends was really trying to get rid of it so we decided to buy it! We took it out over the weekend and have taken it out almost every weekend since.  Best of all, Addy loves it! She loves for her hair to blow in the wind and hardly ever cries when we are on it which makes it worth it!!  Mat attended a concert on the actual 4th but it ended up pouring rain anyways so Addy and I just stayed in and watched the rain!  The fireworks didnt seem to bother her at all the whole weekend, luckily!  

Of course she still had to dress up in her red and blue outfit! :)

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