Monday, March 29, 2010

Welcome to the World!!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Dr. Estrada informed us to eat big before beginning our journey through labor so that is what we did, we went to fill our bellies at IHOP at 5:30 am.  I could barely choke down my french toast I was so nervous about our lives completly changing...for the better of course!  As my stomach churned we headed to Olathe Medical Center at 6:30 am and got all checked in.  Before arriving at my appointment the week before I was already 3 cm dialated and 100% effacted so I was already well on my way! Dr. Estrada broke my water at 7:00 sharp and the contractions began!  By 11:00 I was already at 5 cm dialated but the contractions were getting stronger and stronger.  As me, Mat and my family strolled the hallways of the labor and delivery floor trying to get her head to come down the pain started becoming overwhelming.  By 2:00 I pleaded for my epidural and my wish was granted by 2:30.  As soon as my epidural took my dialation came to a screaching hault.  By 4:00 I was still at 7 cm dialated and wasnt moving.  It was time for the Pitocin and the contractions were intense!  By 5:00 it was time to start pushing!  After almost 2 hours of pushing our beautiful baby girl arrived at 6:49pm 6lbs, 6oz and 19 inches long!  Perfectly healthy and we are so thankful!

After 24 hours we still could not decide on a name and told ourselves that we had 15 minutes to decide, otherwise she would be nameless forever.  After 14 minutes went by and skirting the issue we finally decided that Addyson was the perfect name for her!  It was a tough decision but were so happy that task is completed!

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